The best Rihanna perfumes for women.

Hey there! Are you ready to smell like a confident and sexy superstar, while still maintaining your down-to-earth and girly vibe? Look no further than Rihanna’s growing fragrance collection! As a huge fan of this world-famous singer and fashion icon, I can attest that her unique scent collection has something to offer for every occasion and mood. From sweet and seductive aromas to powerful and unforgettable scents, Rihanna’s perfume line is a must-have for any perfume collector and fan.

Personally, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect perfume for some time now, and I can confidently say that Rihanna’s fragrance collection has surpassed my expectations. I’ve tried several of her unique and captivating scents, and I’m always eager to add more to my collection.

So, whether you’re looking for a signature scent to reflect your personality, or searching for a special gift for a friend, I highly recommend exploring Rihanna’s fragrance collection. Trust me, these unique fragrances that I’ve specially selected for you will not disappoint! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Rihanna Reb’l Fleur Eau de Parfum

Reb’l Fleur Eau de Parfum by Rihanna is a popular and sexy-sweet, fruity, and feminine fragrance that was introduced in 2010. The fragrance opens with a gourmet trio of gentle peaches, sweet plums, and red berries, followed by a heart of sweet, sensual coconut water supported by floral notes of violet, tuberose, and hibiscus.

After 20 minutes, vanilla becomes almost as prominent as coconut, leading to a pleasant sweetness that is tempered by earthy patchouli, light musk notes, and a hint of amber. Despite being full of sweetness and fruits, this is an evening fragrance for any season with darker, bolder notes of patchouli and musk.

The fragrance has good longevity, lasting over 5 hours with good sillage and projection that remain on the skin for hours. The transparent glass bottle looks very chic and feminine, resembling an upside-down high heel with wavy black decor and a matching black cap. Reb’l Fleur is a high-quality blend of sweet fruits, vanilla, and tropical coconut with a sensual dark side, perfect for night owls and seductive party girls.

Rihanna Rebelle Eau de Parfum

Rebelle Eau de Parfum by Rihanna, released in 2012, is a luxurious and decadent combination of warm and spicy notes. The fruity top notes of rich plums and sweet strawberries are sprinkled with sharp ginger. The heart consists of soft dark cocoa with a hint of orchid and heliotrope. The dry-down unleashes roasted coffee notes and bewitching patchouli.

This is a rich scent that is perfect for the colder seasons of autumn and winter. It is an evening fragrance that is ideal for a late lunch that is likely to turn into dinner. The scent is long-lasting, with a duration of 6+ hours, and has excellent sillage and projection, thanks to the notes of dark coffee and chocolate.

The transparent glass bottle looks like an upside-down high heel with wavy red decorations and a matching red cap embellished with a beautiful golden chain. The scent is of high quality and better than expected. The way that patchouli dances around the dark notes of coffee and chocolate is fascinating, making it a fragrance that is sure to impress.

Rihanna Rogue Eau de Parfum

Rogue Eau de Parfum by Rihanna is a beautiful blend of fruits, musk, and suede that uplifts and puts a smile on your face. This feel-good perfume, released in 2013, is perfect for daily wear. The opening notes release a flood of luscious plum and luxurious soft suede, seemingly skipping the head notes of orange blossom and cyclamen. Rose and jasmine are mentioned in the heart but are very light.

The dry-down reveals sweet vanilla and musky/earthy patchouli and amber, creating a slightly more elegant and sophisticated adult atmosphere. It ends in a stylish plum/vanilla-soaked suede scent with a hint of exotic musk. Rogue Eau de Parfum is best worn as an autumn/winter fragrance, perhaps also extending to spring.

The fragrance is long-lasting, lasting about 6+ hours per application, and longer on clothing. The sillage and projection are excellent, especially the notes of suede and plum, with vanilla right behind. The straight glass bottle exudes a discreet golden shine.

Rihanna Rogue Love Eau de Parfum

Rogue Love Eau de Parfum by Rihanna is a gourmand, fruity caramel scent with a sweet touch of coconut. It opens with a delicious blend of peach, berries, and mandarin, with a soothing tropical atmosphere added by a sweet hint of coconut. Soft, powdery floral notes of orchid, jasmine, and honeysuckle are also present in the mix.

The gourmand caramel note mixes with a sensual and audience-friendly vanilla for an ultra-soft base. Resinous amber and woody notes hover discreetly in the background. The dry-down is a balanced cocktail of peach, caramel, and coconut that creates a fruity, tropical atmosphere. Rogue Love is more of a daytime fragrance and is ideal for the warmer spring and summer months due to its fruity and tropical notes.

Rihanna Nude Eau de Parfum

Nude Eau de Parfum by Rihanna, released in 2012, remains one of the most popular Rihanna fragrances for summer. It opens with fresh and sweet notes of guava, pear, and mandarin, before blending with heart notes of gardenia, jasmine, and orange blossom. The base notes of vanilla orchid, musk, and sandalwood provide richness and depth, making the floral and fruity notes even more beautiful.

The fragrance offers reasonable performance, with a usage time of 4+ hours and good projection on a hot summer day, although it fades a bit faster. The sillage is also reasonable, leaving a trail of about one and a half meters. Nude Eau de Parfum is the perfect scent for the day in spring and summer when the floral-fruity side of the fragrance can truly shine.

The bottle design has a similar high-heeled inverted design as Reb’l Fleur, with an added beautiful silver chain around the cap. However, the bottle design could use an upgrade as it looks a bit outdated from the 90s. Nude Eau de Parfum combines the sweetness of guava with lively vanilla orchid and soft sweet pear, creating an incredibly pleasant and flirtatious scent for the day.

Rihanna RiRi Eau de Parfum

Upon trying RiRi Eau de Parfum, I was immediately struck by its seductive blend of passion fruit, mandarin, and rum, balanced out by a discreet floral heart of jasmine, honeysuckle, orange blossom, and freesia. As the fragrance dried down, I detected notes of benzoin, wood, and musk, with a pleasant vanilla enveloping each note. The scent is versatile and perfect for any occasion, whether it be a casual day out or a night on the town.

The fragrance’s longevity was impressive, lasting over four hours with a good sillage and projection. The initial sweetness of the fruity notes gradually gave way to a combination of passion fruit and vanilla soaked in alcohol. The scent’s striking square glass bottle emits a beautiful pink glow and is topped with a golden cap featuring a reflective golden ball and a chic black detail around the neck.

Overall, RiRi Eau de Parfum remains a staple in my fragrance collection, and its seductively sweet yet versatile scent never fails to make me feel confident and alluring.

Rihanna Crush Eau de Parfum

Crush Eau de Parfum by Rihanna is a citrus fragrance with challenging florals and sweet berries, released in 2016. The opening notes are fresh and sharp, with bergamot, mandarin, and pink pepper. The heart is floral, with exotic ylang-ylang, soft rose, and red berries adding sweetness. The dry-down is musky and earthy, with patchouli and wood.

This is a versatile scent, perfect for daily wear in the spring and summer months. It has the style and class of a Chanel fragrance, without the intensity that can sometimes be overwhelming on warm days. It has good longevity and projection, with ylang-ylang adding a wow factor that is nicely balanced by the citrus and berry notes.

The scent comes in an eye-catching square glass bottle with curved shoulders that reflect the bright golden glow of the fragrance. The golden cap with a reflective golden ball on top is adorned with a classy golden collar. Crush Eau de Parfum is a stylish celebrity fragrance that smells expensive and refined, enveloping you in a cloud of happy feelings.

Rihanna Kiss Eau de Parfum

Kiss Eau de Parfum is a seductive fruity floral scent with hints of vanilla and wood, released in 2017. The opening notes consist of rich dark plum, neroli, and freesia, with an additional bouquet of peony, gardenia, and orange blossom intensifying the floral notes. The dry-down includes sweet vanilla and cashmere wood, along with sensual musk, cedar, and amber. The scent can be worn both during the day and in the evening, and is perfect for occasions such as dinners, cocktails, parties, weddings, and day trips. The scent is presented in an eye-catching square glass bottle with curved shoulders that reflect the bright blue/purple glow of the liquid inside, and a golden cap adorned with a chic, embossed golden bow.

Kiss Eau de Parfum projects strongly for the first 2 hours and then gradually settles into a skin scent after 4+ hours, with the plum and white flowers being the most prominent. The scent has received praise from fans for being a compliment magnet. It feels a bit fancy and very stylish, smelling similar to some of the Juicy Couture scents.

What is the history of Rihanna’s perfumes?

Over the past few years, famous singer, actress, and businesswoman Rihanna has built an impressive line of perfumes. With several successful fragrances that have become popular worldwide, Rihanna has established herself as a serious player in the perfume industry.

The history of Rihanna perfumes began in 2010 when she released her first fragrance called “Reb’l Fleur”. The scent was inspired by her childhood in Barbados and the flowers growing there. It was a sensual and feminine fragrance with notes of fruits, flowers, and vanilla.

The introduction of Reb’l Fleur was a great success and led to several more fragrances. In 2011, Rihanna launched “Rebelle”, a bolder and spicier scent that reflected the singer’s personality. The fragrance contained notes of strawberries, ginger, and patchouli.

In 2012, Rihanna released “Nude”, a more subtle and fresher fragrance that included notes of guava, peach, and sandalwood. It was a departure from the daring and spicy fragrances of the earlier perfumes and aimed to show a more refined side of Rihanna.

In 2013, Rihanna introduced “Rogue”, a scent that was both sensual and robust, with notes of orange blossom, pink pepper, and musk. Rogue was a popular fragrance aimed at young women who were looking for an unconventional and bold scent.

The Rihanna perfumes have continued to evolve over the years. In 2015, Rihanna released “RiRi”, a playful and floral fragrance with notes of mandarin, freesia, and sandalwood. It was a fragrance designed to reflect Rihanna’s unique personality.

In 2016, Rihanna launched “Kiss” and “Crush”, two fragrances aimed at younger women. Kiss was a fruity scent with notes of plum, mandarin, and vanilla, while Crush was a spicier scent with notes of pink pepper, bergamot, and patchouli.

Rihanna’s fragrances have continued to grow and evolve. In 2018, she released “Savage X Fenty”, a unisex fragrance that appealed to a broad audience. The scent was a blend of citrus, spices, and woody notes and was intended to appeal to both men and women.

In 2020, Rihanna released “Fenty Parfum”, a fragrance designed to reflect the versatility of the wearer. The scent contained notes of magnolia, musk, and patchouli and was meant to create a sense of empowerment and self-expression.

Rihanna’s perfume line has a considerable following and has become synonymous with her playful and daring style. Over the years, she has released fragrances that reflect her personality and style, resonating with her fans. With each new fragrance, Rihanna has continued to renew and expand her fragrance line, which has become an important part of her brand.


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