The best Good Girl by Carolina Herrera women’s fragrances.

Immerse yourself in the wondrous world of Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl perfumes and discover a selection of delightful scents that are sure to surprise you! We all know that Good Girl represents elegance and sophistication, but what if we told you there’s a twist to these classic scents? We’ve selected the 5 best Good Girl perfumes for you that will stimulate your senses and make you fall in love with this iconic line.

Whether you’re looking for a sweet and seductive scent or a fresh and floral accent, we’ve got something for everyone. The best part is that each of these fragrances offers a unique twist on the iconic Good Girl design, giving the classic perfume a modern and distinctive touch. Whether you’re a true Good Girl fan or simply looking for a delicious new scent for your collection, this list of the best Good Girl perfumes will not disappoint.

So what are you waiting for? Indulge yourself with the luxurious fragrances of the Good Girl line by Carolina Herrera and discover which scent best reflects your personality. From seductive to fresh and fruity, this list of the 5 best Good Girl perfumes is your guide to finding the perfect scent. Let yourself be enchanted by this iconic line and feel like a true Good Girl, but still different! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum

In 2021, Louise Turner and Quentin Bisch created Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum, which is a blend of fruits, vanilla, and floral notes. It opens with sweet lychee and blackcurrant and has a feminine and sensual vibe. The heart is filled with beautiful blooming roses, while the base is soft with sweet vanilla and a touch of woody vetiver.

This versatile scent is perfect for any occasion and can be worn in any season, with a longevity of over 6 hours and good sillage and projection. It’s a great addition to any collection and can be paired with the original Good Girl fragrance for more vanilla and sweet darkness of cocoa and coffee.

Overall, Very Good Girl is a beautiful choice for daytime wear, offering a fruity and floral combination with hints of lush vanilla.

Good Girl Suprême Eau de Parfum

Good Girl Suprême Eau de Parfum is the sweeter and juicier sister of the original GG fragrance, mixed by British perfumer Louise Turner. It begins with sweet notes of berries and Egyptian jasmine and then moves to a heart of creamy tonka bean and beautiful white tuberose. The exotic base of woody/leathery vetiver adds a touch of sophistication to the fragrance.

It is perfect for day or evening wear in autumn/winter/spring, and balances youthful energy with effortless refinement. The sweet berries and delicious tonka bean are the most prominent notes once they settle in. The fragrance has reasonable performance, with more than 4 hours of longevity and moderate sillage and projection.

Good Girl Suprême is a sweeter and more floral version of the original GG fragrance, with a beautiful tonka bean kick. It is worth trying out as a more girlish version of the original GG fragrance.

Good Girl Legère Eau de Parfum

Good Girl Légère Eau de Parfum, launched in 2018, is a decadent oriental floral fragrance that remains firmly rooted in the GG family. It adds so much to the original and introduces bright citrus, exotic ylang-ylang, and soft dulce de leche.

The opening notes of Good Girl Légère are a citrus trio of lemon, bergamot, and orange. White floral notes of jasmine, tuberose, and orange blossom are quickly accompanied by sensual, buttery ylang-ylang.

These flowers intertwine with an almost edible base of caramel-like dulce de leche and tonka bean, giving a vanilla kick.

The performance is excellent, and you can expect a longevity of more than 6 hours with a reasonable sillage and projection. In summary, Légère is an elegant older sister of the original Good Girl fragrance. It is luxurious, stylish, intoxicating, and draws attention.

Good Girl Eau de Parfum

Good Girl Eau de Parfum, a sensual oriental scent with white flowers, was introduced in 2016 by British perfumer Louise Turner. The opening blend of fresh citrus notes, coffee, and almond splinters is outrageously feminine and gourmand. The heart notes consist of white flowers such as tuberose, jasmine, and rose, while the base contains creamy tonka bean, cocoa, and praline.

This fragrance is perfect for day and evening wear in autumn/winter and can also be worn on cooler spring days. It is suitable for practically any occasion, from relaxed at home to a fully dressed-up dinner. The performance of the fragrance is good, with a lifespan of more than 5 hours and decent sillage and projection.

Good Girl Eau de Parfum is a stylish, warm, and elegant choice with the sweet darkness of cocoa and coffee, as well as the soft vanilla-like tonka beans, which are brightened by white flower nuances of tuberose and jasmine.

Good Girl Hair Mist

The Good Girl Hair Mist is a delicious addition to the Good Girl universe. It opens with white floral notes and almonds, leaning more heavily on vanilla/tonka bean notes than the Eau de Parfum. It is refined, stylish, and an exciting alternative way to enjoy the GG experience.

This hair mist is best suited for fall/winter/spring, and maybe cool summer days. Its performance is good, with a longevity of more than 6 hours, but it is not intended to project like an EDP or EDT. Overall, the Good Girl Hair Mist is a beautifully feminine combination of white floral and vanilla tones, adding discreetly to your hair’s GG scent without overpowering it.

How to use it?

Option #1 – After styling your hair, simply spray lightly over your hair and gently brush from top to bottom.

Option #2 – Lift your hair during styling to expose your roots and spray just high enough above the roots to avoid spraying your scalp. Then you need to brush your hair from root to tip to get full coverage.

What should one know about the Good Girl collection by Carolina Herrera?

Carolina Herrera is one of the most iconic designers in the world, known for creating timeless style and glamour. Her fashion empire quickly expanded into the world of fragrances, and in 2016, she introduced the Good Girl collection. The perfume quickly became a popular choice for women around the world and has become one of the most coveted and well-known fragrances on the market.

The story of the Good Girl collection began with the concept of creating a scent that would capture the duality of the modern woman – the idea that women can be strong and confident while remaining sensual and feminine. The result was Good Girl, a fragrance known for its contrasting scents and elegant packaging.

Since the introduction of the original Good Girl scent, Carolina Herrera has developed various versions of the fragrance. Good Girl Eau de Parfum Légère was introduced in 2018 and featured lighter, fruitier notes of ylang-ylang and citrus. Good Girl Eau de Parfum Supreme was introduced in 2019 and introduced new, spicy notes of cinnamon and pink pepper.

The Good Girl collection has quickly established itself as one of the most popular and coveted fragrances for women around the world. It is a scent known for its duality and elegance and has a distinctive and recognizable aura. Whether it’s the original perfume or one of the various versions, the Good Girl collection remains a timeless and iconic symbol of femininity and style.


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