The best Elizabeth Arden perfumes for women

Elizabeth Arden is a renowned brand famous for high-quality cosmetics and exquisite fragrances for over a century. The best Elizabeth Arden perfumes for women are a blend of striking floral notes, bold spices, and sensual musk, creating a tantalizing scent. Elizabeth Arden offers an extensive range of seductive scents to suit every need, with seven exclusive collections, various flankers, and occasional exclusive fragrances for celebrities, no matter the occasion, season, or mood.

Each fragrance featured in this article, from the timeless Red Door Eau de Parfum to the contemporary White Tea Eau de Toilette and revamped My Fifth Avenue Eau de Parfum, has the potential to become your signature scent. With a fragrance for every girl and every situation, Elizabeth Arden is the ultimate choice for elegant and sophisticated scents.

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue Eau de Parfum

The 5th Avenue Eau de Parfum has been captivating fragrance enthusiasts since 1996. This floral scent captures the glamour of the famous New York street and remains one of the best Elizabeth Arden perfumes. It starts with a citrusy burst of linden blossom and mandarin, followed by sweetness from bergamot, lily of the valley, and lilac. The middle notes include floral scents balanced by spicy notes of cloves and nutmeg. The base is a rich, warm combination of musk, sandalwood, amber, and vanilla. The scent is clean and powdery, with hints of floral aroma, and lasts for about 6+ hours, making it perfect for work, special occasions, or formal events.

The 5th Avenue Eau de Parfum comes in a golden tall glass bottle that represents the skyscrapers of its namesake. It is a versatile scent that can be worn all year round and works even better in warmer weather. The fragrance stays close to the skin, offering moderate performance in terms of sillage and longevity.

Elizabeth Arden White Tea Eau de Toilette

The White Tea Eau de Toilette is a sensual and refreshing fragrance with woody and floral notes. The top notes of orange, fern, and sage lead to a sea scent and an airy tea accord, coated with iris and rose. The base is a gentle combination of ambrette, tonka bean, amber, and woody notes. The scent stays well on the skin and has a moderate sillage.

This fragrance is perfect for office wear or daytime use and particularly suitable for the warm spring and summer months. The chic glass bottle in pure white fades to the bottom and looks regal.

Overall, White Tea Eau de Toilette is an excellent choice for lovers of fresh and woody floral scents seeking a pleasant and refreshing scent note.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Eau de Toilette

Red Door Eau de Toilette is an oriental-floral fragrance available in two versions: one from 1989 and one from 2011. Both exude glamour and sophistication and are timeless and classic. The fragrance notes include lily of the valley, freesia, violet, ylang-ylang, jasmine, Moroccan orange blossom, rose accord, honey, sandalwood, oakmoss, and wood. The scent has a monstrous sillage and projection, a decent lifespan of 4+ hours, and comes in a red glass bottle reminiscent of Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door. It is more of a fragrance for the colder months and is ideal for special occasions, formal events, and chic date nights.

Elizabeth Arden My Fifth Avenue Eau de Parfum

My Fifth Avenue Eau de Parfum was launched in 2018 as a modern yet classic interpretation of the essence of the Fifth Avenue collection. It pays homage to the strength, resilience, ambition, and success of dynamic women.

The fragrance opens with a citrusy burst of orange and lemon, transitioning into a fresh and aquatic atmosphere of violet leaf and ozonic notes. This leads into a floral sweetness of lotus and jasmine, followed by a woody and earthy base of cedar, amberwood, and orris, with a musky and fruity drydown.

With excellent sillage and projection, this fragrance lasts for over 6 hours and is ideal for daily wear, such as for work or outdoor events in the warmer months. The sleek glass bottle is reminiscent of the glamorous skyscrapers on Fifth Avenue, with clear lines, sharp edges, and reflective golden accents.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Fig Eau de Toilette

Green Tea Fig Eau de Toilette is a fruity and fresh aromatic scent that delivers what it promises. It fills you with the warmth, calmness, and joy of the countryside. The opening is dominated by figs, which give a green, creamy, and sweet blend of tea and citrus. The fruity fig takes over in the middle and mixes with green tea, violet leaf, and pistachios to form a fantastic bitter-sweet brew.

In the base, sage and tonka bean give the fragrance a creamy nutty note. It dries down to a fresh, juicy aroma of figs and green tea, sprinkled with musk. Green Tea Fig offers a strong performance for an EDT with a lifespan of over six hours and a moderate sillage. Reapplication throughout the day can improve the projection.

This fresh green scent is suitable for all occasions and is an ideal companion for hot summer months. The transparent glass bottle has a bright purple cap and matching fig details with a green tea leaf in the middle, representing the name in the design.

Elizabeth Arden Arden Beauty Eau de Parfum

Arden Beauty Eau de Parfum is a popular Elizabeth Arden fragrance that boasts a floral-green scent with a mysterious and subtle character. Its opening notes are fresh, green, and sweet with a fine blend of bergamot, rice flower, iris, and aquatic-green. The heart notes develop a warm texture of ginger lily, sprinkled with sharp notes of rhubarb, while also spraying with the fresh sweetness of lotus and orchid.

In the base, musk, sandalwood, and amber accords amplify the composition with a soft, creamy sweetness, preserving the fresh floral scent intertwined with the sweetness of rice flower. The scent has a moderate to strong longevity of up to 6 hours on the skin with a gentle sillage and projection.

This delicious green floral fragrance smells stylish and confident, making it suitable for business, work, or leisure. It is ideal for all occasions and weather conditions, and the aquatic notes of the perfume can work wonders on dreary, rainy days. The transparent glass bottle looks elegant with its striking red cap and pale golden shoulders, providing a minimalist impression overall.

Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass Eau de Parfum

Blue Grass Eau de Parfum has been a timeless classic for 85 years and represents the “blue grass” of the American Midwest plains and fields. The sweet floral aroma develops a warm spicy undertone of vetiver, cloves, and bay leaves in the middle notes. In the end, everything becomes bright and pleasant with exotic woods and musk.

This fragrance has an incredible sillage and projection, staying on the skin for over 7 hours and even longer on clothing. Blue Grass is best suited for the warm seasons: spring, summer, and autumn. Whether for business or formal occasions, this scent will not disappoint.

The transparent bottle made of curved shoulder glass has a clear vintage look and is designed simply and elegantly.

Elizabeth Arden Always Red Eau de Toilette

Always Red Eau de Toilette by Elizabeth Arden is a luxurious oriental floral fragrance for confident women who love to be in the spotlight. The initial sweet and fruity notes of plum, blood orange, and passionfruit are replaced by a floral bouquet of rose, freesia, and jasmine sambac. The base of mahogany, amber, and praline provides a balanced sweetness and a creamy, gastronomic finish.

Always Red has an impressive longevity of over 7 hours and good sillage and projection. This versatile scent is perfect for special occasions or romantic date nights in autumn, winter, and even cooler spring evenings. The stylish black-red gradient on the glass bottle with a black cap perfectly reflects the mysterious and appealing scent.

Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Eau De Toilette

Sunflowers Eau de Toilette is a fruity, floral scent that radiates joy and happiness, like a bright ray of sunshine captured in a bottle. The inviting opening is a delicious blend of juicy fruits, citrus, and melon, with jasmine adding a floral twist and cyclamen keeping it fresh and green. The fragrance lasts for about 5+ hours on skin and is perfect for late spring/summer with its refreshing effect against the summer heat.

Sunflowers Eau de Toilette has been on the market for 25 years and is still as fresh as the day it was launched. The beautiful bouquet quickly blends with valuable woods, amber, and musk in the base notes, and finally, oakmoss brings all the fragrant ingredients together in a sweet, woody, powdery drydown that lasts for a while. The clear glass bottle with its slightly orange liquid is simple and minimalist, reminiscent of sunflowers on a sunny white day.

Wearing this cheerful, sunny floral scent feels like carrying a bright ray of sunshine with you wherever you go. It’s the ultimate scent for late spring/summer that you can wear almost anywhere, and it’s perfect for vacation. Whether you’re walking on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or just enjoying a day out in the sun, Sunflowers Eau de Toilette is the perfect companion.

The history of Elizabeth Arden women’s perfumes.

Elizabeth Arden is an iconic brand in the world of perfumes, cosmetics, and skincare. The brand is known for its luxurious products and has become a global authority in the beauty industry since its founding in 1910. An essential part of Elizabeth Arden’s product line is women’s fragrances.

Elizabeth Arden started selling perfumes in the 1920s and has since launched numerous successful fragrances. One of Elizabeth Arden’s most popular and well-known fragrances is Red Door. This scent was inspired by Elizabeth Arden’s iconic red door salons and was released in 1989. Red Door has a classic and elegant fragrance with top notes of ylang-ylang and red rose, heart notes of jasmine and lily of the valley, and base notes of honey and sandalwood.

Another popular fragrance from Elizabeth Arden is Green Tea, which was launched in 1999. This fragrance has a fresh and light scent inspired by the relaxing and revitalizing properties of green tea. Green Tea contains top notes of bergamot and lemon, heart notes of green tea and jasmine, and base notes of musk and amber.

Another more recent fragrance from Elizabeth Arden is Always Red, which was released in 2015. This fragrance is designed for confident and passionate women and has a sensual and powerful scent. Always Red contains top notes of red plum, blood orange, and passionfruit, heart notes of jasmine sambac, pink freesia, and Moroccan rose, and base notes of red amber, mahogany wood, and praline.

Another fragrance that has been highly successful is 5th Avenue. This fragrance, launched in 1996, was named after the iconic shopping street in New York City. 5th Avenue has a classic and elegant fragrance with top notes of magnolia, linden blossom, and lily of the valley, heart notes of rose, violet, and jasmine, and base notes of amber, sandalwood, and musk.

Elizabeth Arden has a long history of successful women’s fragrances. Whether you are looking for a classic and elegant fragrance or a fresh and light scent, Elizabeth Arden has the perfect fragrance for every woman. And with constant innovation and new releases, the brand remains a significant player in the world of perfumes.


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