The 8 best Parfums de Marly women’s perfumes for divine luxury and style.

Parfums de Marly, the high-end perfume brand, was founded in 2009 by Julien Sprecher, whose deep love for fragrances was passed down from his father. With a passion for history, Julien has created a collection of remarkable women’s scents that are captivating, modern, and imbued with a touch of French aristocracy.

Parfums de Marly has successfully captured the essence of elegance from the 18th-century French royal court and the decadent lifestyle of King Louis XV. The king’s passion for prestigious racehorses, beautiful women, and precious fragrances is clearly reflected in the dozens of luxurious perfumes by De Marly.

Exuding an extravagant French style, the finest Parfums de Marly fragrances for women offer a decadent combination of refined florals, fruits, and exotic essences. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


Experience the alluring allure of Cassili Eau de Parfum, a captivating oriental floral fragrance with a tropical twist. Launched in 2019, this scent transports you to opulent palace gardens brimming with vibrant fruits and lavish flowers.

As you embark on this olfactory journey, you’re greeted by the sweet freshness of white flowers, enhanced by a touch of blackcurrant and the refreshing essence of Bulgarian rose. The heart reveals luscious plums, complemented by powdery mimosa and the enticing warmth of frangipani.

A soothing base of creamy vanilla and musky sandalwood embraces each note, providing a harmonious blend. Cassili Eau de Parfum settles into a sensuous, fruity floral aroma with a hint of exotic accents.

Perfectly suited for spring and summer days, this delightful fragrance lingers on the skin for 4-5 hours, striking the ideal balance between longevity and subtlety. The projection gracefully envelops your surroundings without overwhelming them, creating an enticing aura wherever you go.

Parfums de Marly Delina Eau de Parfum

Experience the enchanting Delina Eau de Parfum, a floral fragrance by Perfums de Marly launched in 2017. Crafted by perfumer Quentin Bisch, known for his work with prestigious brands, this scent pays homage to feminine allure with the velvety aroma of Turkish rose. It opens with a lively burst of bergamot and rhubarb, complemented by lychee and a touch of nutmeg. The heart reveals glorious rose and peony, embraced by a warm vanilla note. The base of cashmere wood and musk adds depth and allure.

Ideal for spring and summer, Delina Eau de Parfum is perfect for both day and night, offering exceptional longevity of 6-8 hours and leaving a captivating trail. The fragrance is presented in a pink powdery bottle adorned with a silver cap, exuding femininity with its elegant design. Delight in the surprising blend of radiant flowers with rhubarb and lychee, creating a simply beautiful scent.

Parfums de Marly Meliora Eau de Parfum

Experience the uplifting Meliora Eau de Parfum, a radiant summer fragrance filled with fruits, greens, and flowers. Created by Nathalie Lorson in 2013, this scent pays homage to the romantic and carefree side of femininity, evoking an aura of grandeur and exuberance.

Meliora opens with spicy red berries, complemented by a light touch of blackcurrant and the deep woodiness of cassis leaves. The floral heart blooms with rose, lily of the valley, and buttery ylang-ylang. The exquisite dry-down reveals a soothing base of musk and vanilla.

Perfect for spring and summer, Meliora Eau de Parfum lasts over 4 hours with moderate sillage. The bottle features a soft pastel hue and a gold cap, adorned with delicate tassels for a stylish finishing touch.

Embrace the freshness, fruitiness, and greenness of this cheerful and youthful fragrance.

Parfums de Marly Delina Exclusif Eau de Parfum

Experience the captivating florals of Delina Exclusif Eau de Parfum, the second fragrance in the PDM collection. Created by Quentin Bisch in 2018, this scent combines intensified fruity accords and spices for a romantic and nostalgic feel.

With an opening of fresh bergamot, juicy pear, and sweet lychee, it quickly transitions to a rich blend of rose and smoky incense. The warming base of amber and wood is complemented by creamy vanilla notes.

Presented in an elegant pink bottle with matching tassels and a silver cap, this beautifully balanced floral composition is perfect for any season or occasion. Delina Exclusif offers over 7 hours of long-lasting power and impressive sillage.

Indulge in the seductive, romantic, and slightly nostalgic notes of Delina Exclusif and immerse yourself in the mystery of the East.

Parfums de Marly Darcy Eau de Parfum

Darcy Eau de Parfum, launched in 2014, is a gentle and floral fragrance that pays tribute to Louis XIV, the French Sun King. Created by Hamid Merati-Kashani, this sensual scent captures the essence of perfume and femininity.

The fragrance opens with a vibrant burst of citrus, blending harmoniously with rose and jasmine to create a refreshing and powdery aroma with a hint of exotic sweetness. As it develops, the captivating blend of sweet and earthy patchouli takes center stage, complemented by warm musk undertones.

With a remarkable longevity of over 7 hours, Darcy Eau de Parfum is suitable for any season and time of day. Its pronounced sillage envelops you in a captivating aura of sophistication.

Packaged in an opulent golden bottle adorned with black tassels, Darcy Eau de Parfum offers a passionately sweet fusion of intoxicating patchouli, citrus, and rose. It is truly divine and shares a reminiscent character with Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.

Parfums de Marly Athalia Eau de Parfum

The Athalia Eau de Parfum, introduced by the brand in 2016, is a floral woody fragrance that exudes femininity and style. Its captivating velvety notes transport you to the magnificent Paris of the 18th century. The fragrance opens with bitter orange and the aromatic touch of frankincense. This enchanting scent quickly blends with orange blossom, accompanied by the powdery sweetness of iris flower. Base notes of musk, vanilla, and amber swiftly join the composition, binding all the notes together into a mesmerizing accord.

Athalia Eau de Parfum is a fragrance suited for cooler weather, making it ideal for sunny autumn/winter afternoons. With its lush femininity, it can be worn both during the day and at night. It has a strong projection and a remarkable longevity of over 7 hours. The black bottle represents the depth of this seductive aromatic elixir, while the golden cap atop adds a striking touch of luxury.

Attractive and well-balanced, this signature fragrance from Parfums de Marly is truly incredible. Light and soft, yet elegant and seductive, it leaves a velvety trail behind you.

Parfums de Marly Safanad Eau de Parfum

Safanad is a delicate floral fragrance with oriental notes that was launched in 2013. Created by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, this complex scent reflects feminine beauty and grace. It is named after an Arabian horse breed presented to King Solomon by the Queen of Sheba. Safanad Eau de Parfum opens with juicy fruity notes of orange and pear, followed by the dominant sweetness of ylang-ylang flower at its heart, complemented by orange blossom and powdery iris. The fragrance settles into a warm base of woods, amber, and creamy vanilla spices.

Safanad is a versatile and suitable fragrance for any season, lasting 4-5 hours with a heavy sillage. Packaged in an elegant antique-gold bottle with black tassels, it embodies the natural beauty and luxury of the 18th century.

Parfums de Marly Sedbury Eau de Parfum

Sedbury Eau de Parfum, released in 2015, is an intoxicating white floral fragrance that is incredibly aromatic and irresistibly addictive. Inspired by confidence, positivity, passion, and everything that is best, it showcases these forces in their most exquisite form. The fragrance opens with crisp, juicy notes of mandarin and bergamot, spiced with a sharp scent of lavender and sage. An explosive bouquet of white flowers is welcomed by the honeyed sweetness of tuberose. This captivating flower is softened by the sweet, powdery aromas of jasmine and iris, giving it a delicious subtlety. During the drydown, the seductive bouquet fades into a creamy, earthy base infused with a peppery, woody patchouli note.

Sedbury Eau de Parfum has a longevity of 5-6 hours and a heavy sillage. The clear, sparkling scent is perfect for spring or autumn days, capturing attention with its magical aroma of exquisite flowers. The perfume is housed in a charming white signature bottle with a golden cap, representing the flawless blend of seductive scents. This glamorous fragrance delivers perfection with every drop. Made for women with exclusive, refined taste, it is an excellent addition to any perfume lover’s collection.

What should you know about Parfums de Marly?

Parfums de Marly is a luxurious perfume brand renowned for its sophisticated fragrances, which draw inspiration from the opulent French culture and equestrian traditions. Its name derives from the elegant Château de Marly, a country estate where French kings indulged in horse racing and aristocratic festivities.

The brand’s journey began in 2009 when Julien Sprecher founded Parfums de Marly. Fascinated by French equestrian culture, Sprecher merged this passion with his love for perfume, establishing the brand as a homage to the splendid era of the French court, where horses held great significance in aristocratic life.

The debut fragrance, Herod, was launched in 2009, captivating enthusiasts with its connection to the horse gifted to King Louis XV in 1753. This success paved the way for subsequent releases, with each fragrance drawing inspiration from different horses or historical figures of France.

Parfums de Marly prides itself on utilizing premium ingredients and collaborating with esteemed perfumers to craft scents that encapsulate the essence of French equestrian culture. These complex compositions harmoniously blend spices, woody accords, floral essences, and fruity notes. Designed for both men and women, the perfumes exude a timeless and elegant allure.

Over the years, Parfums de Marly has risen to become one of the world’s most beloved luxury perfume brands. It boasts a devoted following, appreciative of the brand’s distinct and refined character. The enchanting fragrances can be found in exclusive boutiques and upscale department stores globally, gracing the skin of celebrities and royalty alike.

Parfums de Marly stands as a testament to a rich history and a deep reverence for French heritage and equestrian traditions. Its pioneering presence in the luxury perfume industry continues to deliver innovative and captivating fragrances that transcend time.


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