6x Sensual and Stylish – These are the Best Elizabeth Taylor Fragrances.

British-American actress Elizabeth Taylor, born in London, England in 1932, became one of the greatest screen icons of her generation. During her career, the star earned two Academy Awards and was admired in film classics such as Cleopatra and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Elizabeth Taylor’s fragrances and let yourself be seduced by the sensual and stylish scents she created. With six unique and refined perfumes to choose from, there is the perfect scent for every mood and occasion. Discover the timeless beauty of this legendary Hollywood icon and feel enchanted by her fragrances.

Elizabeth Taylor’s fragrances perfectly reflect her distinctive style and glamour. With her fragrances, she wanted to inspire women to embrace their inner goddess and show their seductive side. And that’s exactly what these fragrances do – they make you shine and feel confident wherever you go.

Whether you have a casual day planned or are spending an evening with friends, there is an Elizabeth Taylor fragrance that is perfect for you. Each perfume has been compiled with love and care, offering a unique and refined experience that will stimulate your senses. So what are you waiting for? Discover the best Elizabeth Taylor fragrances and let yourself be enchanted by the sensual and stylish world of this Hollywood legend.

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Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau de Toilette

White Diamonds Eau de Toilette is a versatile aldehyde perfume that is a charming composition of beautiful flowers. Created in 1991 by perfumer Carlos Benaim, it emphasizes the strength and self-confidence of a successful and desirable woman.

This wonderful scent opens with the subtle sweetness of lily and neroli, complemented by the peel of bergamot and orange. The heart reveals a beautiful bouquet of narcissus and cloves with notes of powdery rose, jasmine, and tuberose. The woody, musky base of sandalwood and musk brings soothing warmth, while patchouli and amber notes add a touch of earthiness. Overall, White Diamonds is a rich, sensual scent with strong sillage and a longevity of over 6 hours. It is suitable for the colder autumn and winter months, can be worn day or night, and is perfect for special occasions.

Elizabeth Taylor Passion Eau de Toilette

Passion Eau de Toilette, released in 1988, is a mysterious perfume designed for women who know what they want and have the determination to get it. This exotic fragrance opens with sweet Ylang-Ylang, blended with spicy bergamot and lily of the valley, followed by a rich bouquet of sweet powdery white flowers, spices, and honey. It dries down to a pleasant feeling of woody base with hints of smoky incense and sweet leather notes.

This seductive fragrance is perfect for the colder fall and winter months and feels more like a special occasion scent with its strong projection and incredible longevity of over 8 hours. Timeless and elegant, Passion Eau de Toilette is a complex perfume full of refined notes, unfolding with a bouquet of floral, spice, and aldehyde notes.

Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds & Rubies Eau de Toilette

Diamonds & Rubies Eau de Toilette by Elizabeth Taylor is an oriental perfume created in 1993 by Russian perfumer Sophia Grojsman. It reflects the personality and timeless elegance of the iconic actress and is part of the Fragrant Jewels collection.

This warm and powdery fragrance opens with a captivating aroma of almond-sprinkled rose and juicy peach notes. The heart is composed of heliotrope and musky orchid, enhanced by spices and oriental sweetness of ylang-ylang. The base is a blend of powdery creaminess of vanilla, aromatic cedarwood, warming resins, and sandalwood.

Diamonds & Rubies has a moderate to heavy sillage and lasts for 5-7 hours on the skin. It is suitable for colder months and special occasions. This stylish and heartwarming Eau de Toilette is a fragrance that accentuates the personality of the woman who wears it.

Elizabeth Taylor Forever Elizabeth Eau de Parfum

Forever Elizabeth Eau de Parfum is a fruity/floral scent created by Elizabeth Taylor in 2002. It is a captivating fragrance for the modern woman who appreciates a beautiful blend of seductive and delicious aromas.

The scent opens with the crispness of green apple mixed with juicy blackberries and Italian mandarin. The exciting floral bouquet adds a dose of rich, creamy sweetness from orchid and tiare flower.

The heart is further strengthened by the musky undertone of Egyptian jasmine and a touch of powdery sweetness from violet. Sandalwood, mixed with musk, amber, and cloves in the base, gives a hint of warmth.

Forever Elizabeth is a vibrant, feel-good scent that is an absolute pleasure to wear during spring and summer. Although it lasts almost 4 to 5 hours, the scent is rather a skin scent due to its weak projection, making it great if you’re a fan of softer and less powerful fragrances.

Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds & Emeralds Eau de Toilette

Diamonds and Emeralds Eau de Toilette is an oriental floral fragrance launched in 1993 by perfumers Sophia Grojsman and Carlos Benaim. The scent opens with a combination of gardenia, hyacinth, apricot, peach, and mandarin, followed by a floral heart of tuberose and jasmine. The fragrance settles with creamy notes of tonka bean, vanilla blossom, and warm amber.

The scent is suitable for any season and occasion, with a moderate to heavy projection and a lasting power of over 6 hours. The complex and feminine fragrance exudes a seductive blend of fruity and floral notes, embraced with lush vanilla undertones, making it an elegant and stylish choice.

Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds & Sapphires Eau de Toilette

I absolutely love Diamonds and Sapphires Eau de Toilette from Elizabeth Taylor’s “Fragrant Jewels” collection, which was launched in 1993. The opening notes are a delightful blend of fresh melon and juicy peach, along with the delicate scents of lily of the valley and freesia. The heart of the fragrance features tropical ylang-ylang and jasmine, with a spicy hint of rhubarb that gives it a fruity and green touch. The base notes of vetiver, amber, and sandalwood add a luxurious and warm finish to the scent.

What I appreciate about Diamonds and Sapphires is how it adapts to my own body chemistry, creating a unique and distinctive fragrance that suits me perfectly. Whether I’m wearing it as an everyday scent or for a special occasion, it always creates an intimate aura that evokes sensuality and tenderness. The fragrance lasts for around 4 to 5 hours, with a moderate sillage that is perfect for creating an elegant and sophisticated vibe.

Overall, Diamonds and Sapphires is a perfectly balanced fruity-white floral fragrance that is simply irresistible. It’s the perfect scent for women who are passionate about diamonds and luxury, and who want to surround themselves with an aura of sophistication and elegance.

What is the history of Elizabeth Taylor perfumes?

Elizabeth Taylor is one of the most iconic movie stars of the 20th century and her legacy extends to the perfume industry. Her perfume line, introduced in 1987, includes some of the most popular and iconic fragrances of all time.

The first scent Taylor released was “Passion” in 1987, and it quickly became a huge success. Created by the legendary perfumer Sophia Grojsman, the fragrance contained notes of jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, and patchouli and was characterized by its intense and seductive character. It was a scent that perfectly matched Taylor’s glamorous personality and became an instant classic.

In 1991, Taylor released her second fragrance “White Diamonds”, which would prove to be even more successful than “Passion”. Created by Carlos Benaim, the scent contained notes of lily, narcissus, tuberose, and sandalwood and was meant to capture the essence of diamonds. It quickly became one of the best-selling perfumes in the world, and its success would lead Taylor to release many other fragrances.

In the following years, Taylor released a series of additional fragrances, including “Diamonds and Emeralds” in 1993, “Diamonds and Sapphires” in 1994, and “Black Pearls” in 1996. These fragrances, all created by the world’s top perfumers, were characterized by their luxury and sophistication and quickly became favorites of many women around the world.

However, the success of Taylor’s perfume line would not only be due to the quality of the fragrances themselves, but also to Taylor’s personality and charm. Her beautiful appearance and unique personality were an inspiration to many women around the world, and her perfumes were a way to bring a little of that glamour into their own lives.

Over the years, Elizabeth Taylor’s perfume line has become one of the most iconic and well-known brands in the fragrance industry. Her fragrances are still popular with women of all ages, and her legacy as one of the greatest film stars of all time will continue to live on forever.


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