About Us

Roarwithpassion.com is an independent project with the aim of informing visitors about all things lifestyle, beauty, fashion, perfumes and their derivatives. To achieve this, we use handy lists supplemented by more specific product reviews.

As we see ourselves as independent, we will never deviate from our own opinion. Therefore, suppliers who demand that we use certain texts, words, or even opinions are not welcome here. Our mission is to inform visitors, but also to enjoy ourselves. We have our own style and realize that this may sometimes clash, but we do not change.

Below, we would like to give you some more information about our expertise, how the website works, and the use of affiliate links.

Who are the authors?

Currently, roarwithpassion.com has two full-time authors who are dedicated to testing and describing perfumes. If you believe that you can be a part of this team, please feel free to contact us without any obligation.


I am not only a lover of fine fragrances, but also known as a world traveler and travel blogger. Life has become one big journey of discovery, both olfactory and mental, and I love to share that with you!

In addition to besteparfums.com, you can also find my work on the new men’s blog dudespot.nl. There, I write about all the other topics that interest me!

  • Born: Diest
  • 36 years
  • Married
  • Biker
  • Hopeless romantic


As a graduate journalist, I was thrilled when besteparfums.com contacted me! Now I can combine my passion for writing with my love for perfumes. I hope you enjoy it!

  • Born: Aalst
  • 26 years
  • Single
  • Sporty
  • Empathic

Do you want to contact the editorial staff?

Send an email to info@roarwithpassion.com

What is our content and what is not?

All texts and not-so-beautiful photos of perfumes are owned by roarwithpassion.com.

We use product images as found on our affiliate supplier, bol.com. All images are copyright of the manufacturers and their retailers. If certain images may not be displayed here, please contact us.

Are your links safe?

Yes. Everything is manually (sometimes to tears) checked. What can happen is that certain products will no longer be available or prices may differ slightly. That is an unfortunate consequence of not automating, but it guarantees your safety, and that is even more important to us.

We have these types of links in our articles:

Links to related articles (both in the text and in those yellow bars “also interesting”) – You stay on our website.

Links to informative websites such as Wikipedia, Fragrantica, producers, etc. – These open in a new tab, so you can always go back to our article.

Links to products (bol.com or other online shops) – These also open in a new tab.

What are these affiliate links exactly?

We place a link to an online shop (e.g. bol.com, ICI PARIS XL, …) to the discussed product. When you click on that link and subsequently purchase a product, we receive a small commission on that purchase. Important: This does not entail any extra costs for you, we actually receive a piece of the profit in exchange for bringing in a customer.